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There are many types of lasers designed for different applications. We divide our lasers into two general types: cold and hot lasers. The cold lasers stimulate the body's tissue while the hot lasers will cut tissue. We utilize both types.

To many people, lasers mean high technology and progress. In dentistry, lasers provide better treatment with more comfort. A laser is a device that concentrates light of a specific wavelength into high quantity of energy. For the cold laser, the energy stimulate the cells to promote healing. In the case of the hot laser, the laser beam acts as a "light scalpel" (cutting soft tissues, pulverizing caries…) after absorption by the water of the human body tissues. Dental lasers are not too aggressive and over powerful like lasers seen in the movies. These lasers are actually calibrated, so they basically remove selective tissue in an ultra conservative way, leaving the patient feeling very comfortable after the procedure with superior clinical and predictable results.

"Cold" Lasers

mls laser

The cold laser used by Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry is the MLS(Multi-Locked System) Laser. The laser has two different lasers of different frequencies that are synchronized together. Combining the two lasers together gives a greater effect than used separately. The MLS laser bio-stimulates the tissue. The laser reduces inflamation, encourges the reduction of swelling by increasing the circulation, and most important, there is a decrease in pain. The protocol usually takes several treatments over a period of time for full effect; however, most patients report significant relief after one application of the laser energy.

"Hot" Lasers

There are multiple uses for dental lasers: conservative dentistry (treatment of decay), periodontal (gum pocket reduction), soft tissue surgery (excision of benign lesions), implantology (exposure of implants covered by the gum) and cosmetic dentistry.

Diode Laser Photo

We use two types of dental hot lasers: the BIOLASE (all-tissue laser allowing to treat both soft tissues and hard tissues such as enamel, dentin, bones or caries) and the DIODE (soft tissues only laser).