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Onset Local Anesthetic Buffer

We now stop the sting of local anesthetic injections by mixing in sodium bicarbonate, the body's own natural buffering system, into the numbing solution before the injection using the new Onset Technology by Onpharma. The benefits for you are:

Why Does The Shot Hurt?

The numbing gel (topical anesthetic) that is rubbed on the gum surface before injection does a good job of removing the needle stick pain. But the anesthetic solution stings when introduced into the body. The stinging is due to the acid pH of the numbing solution. The solution has be acidic to be chemically stable in manufacture, transportation, and administration. Then the body transforms the acid solution to pH neutral state by the body's own natural sodium bicarbonate buffering system. The solution diffuses into the nerve and sensation shuts down. That is why it takes a few minutes for the anesthetic to take full effect.

How Does It Work?

The anesthetic solution has a pH about the same as lemon juice. Seconds before use, a precise amount of 8.4% sodium bicarbonate solution is mixed with the local anesthetic, changing the acidic anesthetic solution of pH 3.85 to a neutral solution pH of 7.31. Once mixed, the buffered solution must be used within a few minutes or else the bicarbonate will separate into water and carbon dioxide ( just like a soft drink that has lost its fizz, the carbon dioxide will evaporate away). But when injected timely into the tissues, there will be no burning sensation since the pH is the same as body fluids. Without pre-mixing the anesthetic solution, the body has to neutralize the solution before it can cross the nerve membrane. With the buffered anesthetic solution, it is ready to immediately cross the membrane and start the numbing the nerve. Therefore the nerve can become anesthetized faster.